Wednesday, April 14

Weekend Trip

This last weekend the kids and I took a short little trip down to Las Vegas to see my cousin Danny get married. It was nice we don't get to see my mom's sister and kids often, it was alot of fun catching up. Danny & Kate we married in the Las Vegas Temple, had there reception at her parents house in Henderson. It was beautiful, when you first walked through the doors the had a photo booth where you took pictures of your family, keep half and the other half you made a little scrapbook page and wrote your note to them, so fun I will have to remember that for when Madison gets married :) They had wonderful food, and the candy display the kids loved. It was lots of fun I just wished we had a little longer to visit. Danny & Kate she is so beautiful!!Madison, Hunter, myself & Ben (cousin)Nicole, Ben & AshleyJoshua (cousin), Cindy his wife and EmilMarta & Thomasin, Joshua & Cindy's two cute girls.Simone (cousin) & motherThe kids enjoying the candy :)The wonderful goodies table yummy!!Hunter & I out by there pool, which he wanted to get in all night!!

Tuesday, April 6


Easter morning the Easter Bunny bought the kids there basket full of candy and toys. Madison got Alice in Wonderland, coloring book and markers. Hunter got a football and race cars, they were both happy and starting playing with there gifts right away. We hid some eggs at our house for the kids to find, too bad the weather stinks or we could have done it outside.
We went to my mom's for dinner which was wonderful, turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy, all kinds of yummy appetizers, it was like Thanksgiving in the Spring! My mom also hid some eggs around the house for the kids, which the had a blast finding, and then spoiled them with lots of gifts. The kids got some really cool books that make noise, pop-out and so much more. Thanks MOM

Nana reading some of the new books she gave them.

They were all so tried after they filled there bellies and did the Easter Egg Hunt. Madison, Ashley and Colt.

Easter Party

Grandma Kay had her annual Easter Egg Hunt with all grand kids. Madison and Hunter had so much fun looking for all the eggs. Hunter enjoyed opening the eggs and eating all the candy and finding all of the candy dishes! Hunter was watching all the kids snowball fight from inside, so I came out a got this picture. How stinking cute!!
Dying Easter Eggs :) We only broke 2 eggs, not to bad!
Uncle Colt, Madison, Nicole, Hunter and Aunt Ashley