Thursday, July 22

Hunter's 2nd Birthday

My little man has turned two!! Hunter is so full of energy, so sweet and so naughty, but we sure do love him! We had a motorcycle birthday party, Hunter loves motorcycles if you don't already know yet, any time he sees or hears one he goes crazy saying motorcycle motorcycle over and over until we acknowledge him. For his party we had all of are family over for a nice little dinner, cake and ice cream. Aunt Jill made the cute motorcycle cake which I absolutely loved!! Of course for gifts were tons of motorcycles, trucks that make tons of loud noises, and lots of other fun gifts, thanks everyone. Mommy, Daddy and Madison got him his very own motorcycle. We had the motorcycle out front, when he walked out his face got the biggest smile and he went running to the motorcycle. He cried when we took him off, to go in and do cake and ice cream it was so cute!! Happy 2nd Birthday my little man!!

My favorite balloon was this fish, pioneer party is awesome!!

Hunter wanting the motorcycle on the cake

Parades and Carnival

Madison and Hunter loved the parades and the carnival. Madison loved getting all the candy tossed to her, she was running after every piece then inspecting them to see what she got. Hunter loved all the firetrucks and police cars making noise and his sucker!
At the carnival the kids favorite ride was the swing they went on that over and over. They also love the horse ride, Madison said that she was Jesse riding Bullseye (Toy Story). We also did the face painting, Madison did great and had a cute little butterfly, Hunter did great till the very end when he saw his cute tiger in the mirror he then wipe his hand across his face, what a little turkey. He sure loves suckers!!What cute little stinkers!!

Madison and Uncle Colt having fun on the slides!

Princess Festival

My mom took Madison and me to the Princess Festival in Lindon, a couple weeks ago. Madison got to dress up like a princess hair and all. She loved it meeting all of the Princesses and Princes. At the festival they had a cute little treasure hunt that you went on, saved they princess from the witch, had a tea party with the Mad Hatter and Alice. Madison said her favorite part is when she got to fly with Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell which was jumping on a trampoline and dancing around and having sword fights with Captain Hook. It was alot of fun and she can't wait till next year to go again.

Madison with her favorite Princess Sleeping Beauty