Thursday, December 15

Message from Santa

Santa sent the kids a video message from the North Pole today.  Santa said that both of the kids have been really good and is glad to hear that they are minded there parents.  The elves and Santa check the list and the Madison and Hunter are on the NICE list.  Santa can't wait to bring them there gifts!
Here's the cute little Santa video's below!

Madison's video

Hunter's video

Sunday, December 11


Today we took the kids to see Santa.  Madison and Hunter have been so excited to see him.  Madison told Santa that she would like a Barbie camper and a Belle tea party doll.  Hunter keep saying he wanted a green grem ( a bad car off of Cars 2),  and a Cars racetrack.  Santa told the kids that they had to be very good and pick up all the toys and clean there room, if they wanted to get there present and his surprise present that he is going to bring.  We really like this Santa he was super nice and really friendly.  When the kids were all done taking pictures and telling Santa what they wanted, they got to pick out a book and a candy cane, and wished Santa a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 4

Family Pictures

Last week we went and got our family pictures taken at Camera Shy.  I really love them, Suzy did such a great job, I love the pictures!!  I was so excited to see so many great pictures of the kids together, Hunter is really hard to get a great pictures, but these turned out amazing!!  I LOVE THEM!!
 LOVE this one of the kids!!
 Daddy and Madison, I love it!!
 Daddy and Hunter so cute, love it too!!