Monday, April 27


So I am a little late on posting Easter :) So we colored eggs Friday night for Grandma Kay's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Madison loved it and wanted to color all night, we colored 36 eggs that was enough!!

Madison and her eggs!!

Hunter helped out by dropping a few eggs on the floor, good thing they were cook!!

Saturday was the Easter Egg Hunt, Madison had a blast with the kids finding the eggs, she helped Hunter find his eggs too.

Madison,Steve,Nicole & Hunter

Madison's BIG SMILE!!

Hunter's new little look!!

Easter Morning we woke up and took the kids down stair where there basket were, some of the eggs had robin eggs in them. So we put Hunter on his blanket with his basket thinking he couldn't get the eggs open. So while we were making breakfast he sure was being quiet, and this is why he got into the candy. He enjoy it as you can see. What a handsome stinker!!!

I couldn't get the two of them to both look at me, when one would look the other would look down, they were to involved with their eggs..

Madison finding the Easter eggs at Nana's.

Uncle Brett Helping her get the eggs off the ceiling fans.

Steve, Nicole, Hunter & Madison

Madison, Papa, Nana & Hunter

Uncle Brett, Madison & Hunter

Uncle Colt, Aunt Ashley, Madison & Hunter

After we had a wonderful Easter dinner made by Nana, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Colt bought the kids a kite, Madison loved the cute little ladybug!!

Nicole and Hunter, look at his hair!! So CUTE!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

Wednesday, April 1


Happy 3rd Birthday Madison!! Look how much she has grown, it has flash before our eyes!! Madison was born March 17th 2006 @ 2:51am weighting in at 9lbs 1ozs, & 20 1/2 inches long. She now weights 33lbs and 3ft 3inches tall. We our so lucky to have such a perfect little girl!!

Madison 3 years old!

Madison 4 days old( what a cute little stinker)!

For Madison's Birthday she LOVES Scooby Doo so everything was Scooby!! Also we can't forget Hunter, he favorite part of the party was all the balloons.

So for her Birthday cake Grandma Kay made the cutest Scooby Doo cake she loved it!!

Madison this year has been asking for a car. We had told her that she had to be 16 to drive, so she has being telling us she will be 16 for her birthday not 3 so she can drive!! So for her present she got a cadillac escalade. We had her open all of her present from everyone first, she got lots of movies, painting boards, dress up clothes, and lots more, which she all loves. Hunter also enjoyed all of the bright birthday paper!

When she was done opening all the present, we blindfolded her and went out back for the big birthday surprise when we took off the blindfold this was her reaction!!!
She was so excited!!! She is not the best driver yet, she seemed to aim for everyone and everything. We took her out front and she also rammed everyone's car, so we are going to be working on driving!!

After the Party had died down we went inside she wanted to try on the dress that Aunt Jill made her. She loves it and was doing spinning around and around. Hunter is just such a handsome little guy, we just can't get enough of him.

On Madison actually Birthday we took her to Kangaroo Zoo, which is a place that has tons of blow up slides and things to bounce and play on. She was having a blast she would run from one slide to the next. One part was so cute and funny, she was almost up the slide stairs and then she turned to wave and came tumbling down, she jump up and started laughing.

Hunter enjoyed watching in the stroller, he just loves his BIG sister!! I think he was very entertained by Madison..

We also stopped by Grandpa George and Grandma Kay's House. There we found out the Hunter doesn't like swings very much, he cried every time we swung him.

Later that night we went out with Nana, Papa, Uncle Brett, Aunt Ashley & Uncle Colt to Chuck- E-Cheese's, she went on about every ride there was. Hunter at first didn't know what to think about the rides, but then we he saw Madison driving the steering wheel he held on his and loved it.. He is just so silly!!

Lots of pictures, but they are just so dang CUTE!