Thursday, October 29

Preschool Party

So today Madison had her Preschool Halloween Party. She was so excited to see what all the other kids were going to be. I was excited, I got to help out with a Halloween game, pin the face on Frankenstein. The other two mothers read Halloween stories and made a popcorn witch hand. The kids had so much fun and are so cute.
Here are the kids in Madison's class.
Aspen, Madilyn, Madison, Lola, Cole, Lucy, Ryker E, Cade and Ryker P
These are Madison's best friends! Lola and Aspen, she is always talking about them!

My cute little pirate!!

Hunter was just so stinking cute in this picture, with his pumpkin hat playing with Madison's kitchen.

Carving Pumpkins

So these were the pumpkins we carved!! Of course, our pumpkins are, Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob. Ashley carved the headless horseman and Jack. Madison the whole time before we started carving keep saying how she wanted to help, as soon as she started pulling the pumpkin guts out she didn't want to help any more saying "I don't like how slimy it feels." So Ashley and I carved all the pumpkins by ourselves.

Happy Birthday Uncle Brett

Last Sunday we went over to my mom and dad's for dinner, and Brett's Birthday. My sister Ashley did such a great job on the cake!! We made the cake more for the kids than my brother I think. Madison loved it and loved helping Uncle Brett blow out the candles, (just fyi if you have a birthday cake plan on Madison blowing out the candles for you!) Uncle Brett and Madison

Thursday, October 22

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Sunday, October 18

Gardner Village

We went last week to Gardner Village for are annual girls day, plus Hunter to see the witches. Madison loves it and thinks that she has to take pictures next to all the witches, which we almost did. Hunter is now official walking, so that was fun when he didn't want to say in the stroller and wanted to walk the whole time. So he did, and had to see and touch all the pumpkins they had. Madison got to meet the main witch and dance with her, she also got her face painted with the witch glitter.

After all the fun and eating at Archibald's, we headed back to my moms car, we got in and it wouldn't start, so thinking it was just the battery we had my Aunt jump the car, it worked. So off we went we are about 20 minutes from home and the car goes from 60 to 0, so we pulled off the freeway and then waited for my dad to bring a new battery. The kids actually did very good, Madison thought this was pretty cool watching all the cars fly by. My dad gets there and changes the battery. When we got home Madison reminded me that she didn't get to ride the horses and feed the animals and when I take her back to do that not to ride in Nana's car.

Hunter's Cozy Coupe

We finally got the Cozy Coupe put together, or should I say Steve finally got it together, either way Hunter loves it. Are driveway has a slight hill just enough for it to roll down by its self, so we put him in and down he rolled, he was laughing the whole time. I love how it has a handle on the back of it so easy to push him. That first day of being in it forever, when we got him out he was kicking and crying and grabbing for it to get back in. He sees it every time we get in the car and starts pointing and making trunk noises and wiggles trying to get out of my arms to get in. Thank you Aunts for such a cute toy.