Tuesday, March 22

Madison's 5th Birthday- Tinkerbell party

I can't believe my little Madison is 5 years old. Her birthday is on St Patrick's Day (March 17th). Madison had a birthday week. We started with her birthday on Thursday by going out to eat her favorite restaurant Olive Garden, and later that night we took her to Trafalga. She loves to rock climb there and she is really good at it. Madison got one of her present that night it was "Tangled" Rapunzel figures, she loves those from the Disney store. Saturday was the big day her friends party was that morning and family party that night. Tinkerbell was the theme of the party, Aunt Jill made the cutest cake and cupcakes for the girls. While we waited for all the girls to get here, the girls colored Tinkerbell coloring pages. When everyone had arrived we had some of them paint there Tinkerbell fairy wands, and some of them get there glitter toes done and then switch. The girls were in heaven and loved being pampered. We then open present, Madison got so many fun things. She has the greatest friends. They all loved being up close to see what she got. We then sang to Madison and had the yummy cup cakes. We played one more game "Pin the wings on Tinkerbell" the kids loved it. Thanks Grandma Kay for making the poster board. As the girls left Madison had party favors which she put together and gave to them. Thanks to Nana and Aunt Ashley for helping at the party, I would have never survived all by myself with 10 little girls.
That night was the family party where Madison was spoiled all over again with present from everyone. We got here a Easy Bake Oven and some puzzles, Hunter got her a wooden bracelet bead set. She loved all of her gifts. Thanks! It was fun for Madison having the day/weekend all about her, she loved being the center of attention. We love you Madison!

Madison rock climbing Madison and all her friends from school and danceMadison getting her glitter toes doneHunter showing us how the jump rope works!All the decorations I did and it took forever, but well worth it to see Madison face!

Wednesday, March 2

Jazz Player CJ Miles

The Jazz player CJ Miles came to my mom's school today, because they won the Jazz read-a-thon. So I took over Madison and Hunter to meet him. After we got some pictures we went to the assembly and CJ read to the kids a cute story, "Dewey the Library Cat", he also answered question from the kids and teachers. Madison said "I think Uncle Brett is still taller!" What a cutie pie.Nana, CJ, Madison & HunterUncle Brett & CJ who are both 6'7"Uncle Colt, CJ & Ashley