Tuesday, May 5

Madison & Hunter Spring Pictures

These were taken a few weeks ago, for there Easter pictures. Thought I would post them, cause they are so stinking CUTE!!

Monday, May 4

Hunter's 1st Hair Cut & Madison's Swim Lesson

This is Hunter before his hair cut. Holly, Steve's stylist cut his hair, she was amazing. Steve had to hold him on his lap so that he didn't wiggle around. At the beginning of his hair cut he did okay, then she sprayed water on his hair and that made him mad and as you can see in the pictures below he wasn't happy. But he looks so darn cute I couldn't resist taking all these pictures. He was mad but, what a cute face he has!!

His final look so so handsome!

Madison has been taking swim lesson for about two weeks now, and she loves it. Her instructors name is Callie, which also happens to be Madison's imaginary friend name. She is learning how to blow bubbles, float on her back, row her arms and splash her feet. She is smiling the whole time.
( the pictures didn't turn out to well :( sorry )

Here is Hunter and Daddy watching Madison!