Thursday, March 18


Madison and Uncle Pat's Birthday are both on St Patty's Day, so we went to Jack and Jill's Bowling to celebrate. Madison was super excited she loves bowling, and she wants to do it all by herself, which kinda worries me when she is trying to carry the ball, but no worries she didn't drop it. Madison loved when everyone would clap and cheer her name. Hunter actually wanted to bowl so he help Madison, he thought he was pretty cool, especially when you would let him think he was caring the ball and then push it down the ramp, he would then do this crazy little dance. We sure love that little stinker!!
Happy Birthday to Madison and Uncle Pat!!
Oh and a quick little update. Madison went to the doctors her weight was 37lb 70%, 41 inches tall 78%. Doctor Mower said she was a very healthy, smart and pretty little 4 year old girl.

Madison last gift from Steve, Hunter and me, was The Princess and the Frog movie and figures!!

Sleeping Beauty Party

Madison has been talking about a Sleeping Beauty princess party forever, with the dress and a castle cake. So we did it, Aunt Jill made the cutest castle cake ever, and Grandma Kay with the help of the Cricket machine made all the princess cut outs to hang. Madison was so excited when she saw all of it hung up, Hunter went crazy over all the balloons. Madison once again was spoiled with present, from her princess couch/bed, Scooby toys and games, Woody and Buzz action figures, lots of movies, books, and clothes. Thanks everyone she loves them all!

Wednesday, March 17

Happy 4th Birthday Madison

Happy Birthday to our little St Patty's Girl!! We love you and can't believe how time has flied.

Wednesday, March 3


So I am finally getting around to posting the last of our California trip, Disneyland. Which is the whole reason we went down. Madison had so much fun and was in ah over everything. It was so much fun for us, seeing her get so excited. The first day at Disneyland it rained, but it was kinda nice because we didn't have to wait in any lines. The very first ride we went on was Space Mountain, it made me sick and Madison was scared, she didn't like the complete darkness. I felt so bad that was how Disneyland started. But she loved every other ride especially the Matterhorn we went on that over and over. The fast train was also a favorite, we thought she might get scared but she didn't and went on that over and over. On the pirate ride she loved it when she saw that Jack Sparrow was in there.
The day it rained the Characters weren't out, only Mickey. But all the other days they we were there the Characters were out and about and she loved giving all them hugs especially Minnie Mouse, she was Madison favorite to meet. I thought they way we had to meet the fairies and princesses was dumb, you have to wait in a line forever and they don't even tell you who you might be meeting. I was glad that we got to meet Tinkerbell, but in the princess line we only got to meet Mulan and Pocahontas and that line was an hour long, so we decided not to stand in line again. But I don't think Madison even care she was so excited to see every one.
Madison also really loved the night parade and even went out to dance with the Characters in the street. We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to go back, and maybe take Hunter next time.