Sunday, December 19

Madison X-mas Dance Recital 2010

Madison had her Christmas Dance Recital this past Saturday, her classed danced to Mickey Mouse's "Jingle Bells". Madison has been so excited for us all to come and watch, she did such a great job, we are all so proud of her. This is her 2nd year of dance and just loves it.
After the recital we went out to dinner. Steve has been asking Madison for her autograph since she is a super star now. Madison then proceeds to autograph a picture for Aunt Ashley, Uncle Colt, Uncle Brett and Nana and anything she can get her hand on during dinner. We love you goose!
Madison and her friends, Chloe and Catlin before they went out on stage.

Ginger Bread House

When we were at Costco the other day, Madison saw the Ginger Bread house that they had on displayed and wanted to make one. So we called over Nana to come help us make it. Madison did such a great job of decorating it, and loved sampling the treats and frosting over and over :) Hunter didn't last long and wanted to watch Cars, his favorite movie. So us girls finished it. Here is the final product.
Madison and Nana working hard on the house.
Hunter laying down to watch Cars, and in his hands are Chick Hick's and The King his favorite toy cars.

Heber Valley Train

My mom took the kids, Ashley and me on the Heber Valley Train to Journey to the North Pole to pick up Santa. Madison was so excited to wear her new penguin pj's and red bath robe Nana had got her. Hunter wore a blue robe and Santa pj's they both look so CUTE! The kids had a blast drinking up there hot cocoa and eating there yummy chocolate cookies. They read us Christmas stories and sang lots of Christmas carols. When we got to the North Pole we pick up Santa, he came in and ask each child what they wanted for Christmas, and gave a toy top to them. The kids had a wonderful time, thanks again mom!!

Thursday, November 25

Family Pictures 2010

The kids have been growing so fast and I wanted to get some updated family pictures. Hunter was such a little stinker, but we were able to get some cute ones of the family and of him. Madison wasn't camera shy at all and was posing every chance she could, she takes such great photos.

Love this picture of Madison she is so funny!

If you know Hunter he loves making his motorcycle noises and revving his hands as if he were on a cycle and in this picture this is what he is doing what a sweetie!

Monday, November 8


We went to Kay's (Steve's mom) for the annual Halloween party, she made yummy chili and bread sticks, and scary spider cookies. We played lots of fun games, Madison favorite game was the 3 smallest child got made into mummies with toilet paper and the older kids wrap them up, Madison's team won!! We had a blast!

My cute little mummy

My little fireman

Halloween day we went trick or treating and layered lots of clothes underneath since it was freezing cold, but the kids still had fun and got way to much candy.

Halloween School Party

My cute little vampire had her preschool party and was so excited to dress up. Laney is the queen of hearts, her little friend that carpools with us. I got to go and help with the party, we made foam magnets shape like pumpkins, witches and vampires, another mom read Halloween stories, and Miss Hollie had little treats.

We stop by my mom's school to get so pictures of Nana in her silly clowns outfit.

Carving Pumpkins

Madison has been super excited to carve her own pumpkin. We got started by cleaning out the guts to the pumpkin which she thought felt so gross, I end up cleaning out both of the pumpkin guts. Hunter like playing with the guts a making a mess ever where. Uncle Brett and Nana arrived to help carve, Brett and Madison work on a Vampire bat, and Hunter and me carved a skeleton and cat.

Our master pieces

Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch, where they got to pick out there own pumpkins. Madison had such a hard time deciding between a tall and skinny pumpkin, or a short and chubby one. It was a short and chubby one she final pick.