Tuesday, March 20

Madison's Minnie Mouse Birthday

I can't believe my baby girl is 6 years old.  Madison is one gorgeous, amazing, creative, lovable, smart and a crazy little stinker that we just love.  After going to Disneyland a few months ago, she had decide that she wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday party.  I started planning right away.  I made each of the little girls Minnie Mouse ears, and Mickey Ears for dad and Hunter, had help with the cute birthday sign and decorations, but I was very proud of myself for making and decorating her birthday cake all by myself!!
Madison had her friend party on her birthday this past weekend.  As each of the girls arrived Madison would place Minnie ears on them.  After they all had arrived we ate yummy pizza and cheese bread.  Next we help the girls make bracelets with all different kinds of beads.  Madison then wanted to go do the pinata outside, we only had three girls take a whack at it and the cupcake top of the pinata came off, so we duck tape it closed, and was able to have all the girls take a whack at it.  We went back inside to open present, it so cute all the girls wanted to sit right next to her, you could barely see what she was getting because the were all so close watching her open them.  Madison got lots of great gifts from her friends.  The girls all sang Happy Birthday to Madison and then they ate my delicious cupcakes and ice cream.  Last of all we played Pin the Bow on Minnie.  After the girls had  all gone home Madison said, "That sure went by fast!", she was right.
Later that same night we had all the family over for some dinner, cake, ice cream and present.  Madison was spoiled with lots of gifts, she received tons of Prince and Princess Barbie's, Lego's and all sorts of clothes and shoes!   She told me later that this was the best day ever!! We love you goose!  Happy Birthday!
The Minnie Mouse Cake and Cupcakes made by ME!!
Her cute St. Patrick's Day socks so she wouldn't get pinched.
Madison with all her friends from the party!
Kassidy, Alexa, Rylee, Sari, Phoenix, Baby Madison, Laney and Elle
All the fun birthday activities.
Opening the present, and Hunter too, he got Jake, Cars and Mater PJ's. 
Madison blowing out her cake!

Monday, March 19

Last stop Foresthill

Our last stop on our California trip was visiting my Dad and Coleen in Foresthill.  Our day started with us leaving Disneyland and driving 7 hours to Foresthill.  We started a little later than we had wanted, and about a hour into the drive Hunter in the back seat tells me that he isn't feeling well, and within a few seconds he is barfing everywhere, the first thing that I grab was Steve's hat, but by then Hunter had managed to barf from head to toe and every where else.  We pull off to small gas station to clean up, and that put us behind a good hour.  After a good clean up and a good air fresher we were back on the road.  We got into Dad and Coleen's just in time for a yummy dinner.  Thursday we went to a great hamburger joint for lunch and then to a park where Dad and the kids went on a train ride, and then we played at the park for a while with the kids.  Later that night we some family over that I haven't seen in years it was a good visit with yummy spaghetti and pies.  Friday we had a picnic at a park, where we also were feeding the squirrels, Steve was able to feed them food right out of his hand. We then took the kids to Fairy Tale Town, which was super cute it had all of the Mother Goose stories, with all kinds of slides and play areas to play on, the kids loved it.  We walked went across the Foresthill bridge, California's highest bridge 730 feet, it kinda made my stomach sick, and the people on paths below look like ants it was kinda scary.  Saturday we went to Nevada city to have lunch and walk the shops.  We visited some friends who got some really good family pictures. That last night we had another great dinner, Dad made a great Stir fry and noodles and just had a good time visiting.  The next morning we got up early to head home, the kids and us didn't want to go, but it had been a long two week vacation.  Thanks for letting us come we had a blast and can't wait to visit again soon!! 

Dad, Coleen, Madison, Nicole, Steve and Hunter 
Dad squished in with my wild kids on the train ride.
Decorating cupcakes and visiting with family.
Fairy Tale Town
Feeding the squirrels, Auburn City and the Foresthill bridge.
Last picture, on the trip home everyone was having to go potty at different times, this was one of them Hunter off the side on the road peeing what a cute little butt!!

Friday, March 2


Disneyland day 1.  It was a blast from the moment we walked in!  We went to California Adventure side first.  Hunter's was super excited when we saw all the Cars advertisement boards, his jaw dropped when he first saw Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater and then he went nuts.  He walked up to Lighting and gave him a big hug, it was too cute!  After getting lots of pictures with McQueen and Mater, all Madison could talk about was going on The Little Mermaid ride.  Madison was so cute as we were on the Mermaid ride she had a smile on her face the whole time.  When we got off the ride she was telling me the part where we went under water with the bubbles she loved, and the under the sea song with all the dancing fish so cute!  The kids love the Monster's Inc. Parade, and especially Playhouse Disney. We are big fans of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Never land Pirates.  Hunter was super excited to see Jake on the stage fighting with Captain Hook and Smee.  When the show was over there was golds a bloom falling from above, Hunter carried the paper gold with him all day!  We convince Hunter that the Tower of Terror wasn't scary, see below the picture of him.  I was the mom laughing and pointing at her son who might have been a bit scared!  Later that night we went to the World of Color it was amazing.  It was pretty cool what they could do with the water and lighting, Madison love it, Hunter was pretty tried so he didn't see much.  We watch the fireworks as we were walking back to the hotel, the kids were beat and so were we.
Disneyland day 2.  Started off rainy, but we had our raincoats and we were ready.  We meet Mickey and Pluto as soon as we got into Disneyland, the kids were so excited! We meet lots of princesses, Rapunzel and Flinn, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, Madison was so excited to see so many of her favorite princess.  The kids loved Mickeys Toontown and all the houses of Mickey, Minnie and the gang.  The Pirate's of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Hunter said were his favorite rides and we went on those over and over. It was nice that it was a little rainy because we didn't have to wait on any ride.  We watch the Mickey's Soundsational parade that night the kids loved all the dancing and fun characters.
Disneyland day 3.  It was super warm, we had done almost ever ride between the two parks, so today we meet with the Tinkerbell and her fairies friends, went on some of our favorite rides again, like Soarin' over California, The Little Mermaid and Tower of Terror.  We had never been on the Mark Twain Riverboat ever, we walked up to the 3rd level, when the captain came up to us and ask if we would like to go up the Pilothouse.  The kids were excited that they got to steer the boat.  Captain Orlando let the kids pull the horns and just play around up there.  It was pretty neat, they also became Jr Captains.  We were pretty sad to leave that night, we all wished we had one more day.  Disneyland is definitely the most happiest place in the world!  We can't wait to go back soon, especially to see Cars Land.

Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater, I love the one of Hunter hugging McQueen.  Hunter would have stayed there all day if we let him, he thought the cars were pretty amazing!
All of the pretty princesses and fairies we meet!
Jake and the Never land pirate show, the kids were excited to meet Jake after!
Lots of the characters we meet.
Pixar Pal Parade
Captain Orlando and us.
Just some randoms and Hunter crying for no reason, I thought it was pretty funny.  I also like the one of Madison boobing in the rain, because she couldn't pick the next ride!
Pirate Jake and Minnie Madison!
I love Hunter's face in both pictures of the Tower of Terror ride!! I'm the mean mom laughing and pointing!