Wednesday, September 1


This summer we went to Ferron, which is Steve's families annual camping trip. The kids had alot of fun playing in the dirt and getting super dirty. We had fun hanging out with all the cousin, making rocket bottles to launch, exploring the woods, riding the four wheelers, sitting by the camp fire eatting popcorn and some yummy bannana-marshmellow melted mix.
Hunter's favorite part is when we would go down to the water and he could throw rocks in the lake all day, and watching his older cousin see who could throw the biggest boulder in the water. Madison enjoy getting in the freezing water in her undies (mom forgot to bring the swimsuit :) opps). I enjoyed sleeping in a nice warm camper trailer, but camping has grown on me and I did decide to stay another night, so maybe by next year I will stay for the whole thing. The kids can't wait to go again.

Madison and Anna

Yeah for naps!!

A beautiful picture of Ferron!!