Wednesday, May 2

Crazy Hair Day

Madison's school had crazy hair day last week.  We decided to put a water bottle in the middle of her head and pulled the hair up around it.  I thought it look great.  Madison got to school and was kinda shy, until everyone keep telling her how cool it looks, then she wasn't shy anymore.  Madison came home to tell me how everyone loved it and she had the coolest hair in class.

Tuesday, May 1

Donut Day with Dad

Madison school had Donut day with Dad a couple weeks ago.  It is where the Dads or any parents can come and read with their kid and have a donut together.  Madison was super excited to have Steve come and read with her.  She had pick out plenty of books to read with Steve at class.  Madison loved showing him around the classroom, where she sits in class and all the art work she has done.  Madison was all smiles having her Dad come.

Sleepy Hunter

The other day Hunter was playing in his room, and I would peek in on him as I was picking up the house.  It was about 15 minutes later, I thought he sure is being quiet he must be up to something, so I went up to his room and this is how I found him.  Sound asleep under his bed, what a little cutie!!  I end up leaving him fast asleep for a hour or so before I woke him up!