Thursday, July 16

Tired Child

The other day we were eating dinner, when I needed to change Hunter's diaper. I didn't have any down stairs so I went and change him in his room, when we came down to finish dinner, this is how I found her. We didn't even do anything that day that would wear her out. What a cute little stinker!!

Monday, July 13

Hunter's Birthday Party

Hunter's 1st Birthday turned out perfect!! Since he is our little monkey, I decided to do a monkey theme.
He woke up the morning of the party before I had finish decorating it, he loved the balloons, and playing with all the streamers!! I have to get balloons once a week for the house since he loves playing with them, so I hope that the 30 or more balloons I bought will last a while.
We had a nice little dinner for the family and friends that came, I made Hawaiian Haystack and it feeds a lot and is really simply.
He received lots of gifts, thank you everyone, he loves them all and looks very cute in the clothes!!

What a cute smile, this car toy makes noises and he thought it was so funny and keep on pushing the buttons. He started to get frustrated though, after he open the present we would then take them away so he could open the next present. But he got so mad during the few seconds he had to wait before getting his next gift!

Madison got a present too, so she wouldn't fell left out, even though she thinks these toys are all hers anyways. We our still working on the sharing of toys, but Hunter is getting stronger and won't let go sometimes!!

Steve's mom made him this cute cake to match my monkey theme :)Little messy boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Hunter! You are such a sweet little guy and Mommy, Daddy & Madison our so lucky to have you. Love you:)

Wednesday, July 8

4th of July

We always go over to Lauri and Tom's for the 4th, and then watch the fireworks at Alta High on the grass. It was alot of fun. I didn't look at my email that said to have the kids bring there swimsuit to the party, so Madison played in her undies, and Hunter in his diaper. They look so cute though.

Daddy & Madison

Madison and her cute little bum!!

Hunter & Uncle Brett

Hunter did awesome watching the big fireworks, his eyes were glued to the sky. It was the loud and annoying screamer fireworks that the kids did at the house that scared him. Madison loved the stinky colored smoke ones and would dance around them! silly silly girl!

Hunter was asleep until the big fireworks started, what a cute little man!!


So this past weekend my mother and I took the kids to the zoo, on Hunter's Birthday. Steve had to work :( It was so HOT!! Madison & Hunter loved seeing all the animals, I think Hunter's favorite was the bird show, his eyes followed the birds everywhere. Hunter was so fascinated by all the animals. Madison loved the carousel, she was so excited to ride the giraffe. We had a blast, and the best part was when we got to the car and they fell fast asleep! :)

Later that night we went and visited our friends Nick and Carlie, and there two cute kids Jaxson and Ella. Madison loves hanging out with the kids. Hunter is so intrigued by Ella its so cute. Here are some cute pics of them.

Saturday, July 4


Our little guy has just turn ONE years old. Where does the time go? We just wanted to wish him a Happy Bithday and will post all of the birthday party pictures next week. We love you Hunter!!