Thursday, June 9

Madison Dance Recital

Madison had her dance recital this past weekend.  Madison's group danced to "Ooh Eee" and had the cutest outfits of the show.  I love this dance studio Jazz'n Place, and her dance teacher Chelsey.   Madison did so good and we our so proud of our little dancer.  She got shower with lots of flowers and gifts after the show, and then out to eat with everyone to her favorite restaurant Olive Garden.  We love you goose!!

Wednesday, June 8

Hunter's Big Boy Bed

 Hunter has grown out of his crib /toddler bed.  If we had laid him down and stretch out his arms and legs they would stick out of the crib on the top and bottom.  We got him a full size bed which now makes him look so little, but he will grow into it I am sure of.  Hunter's growth chart, height and weight is the same as his Uncle Brett when he was a little boy, and my brother is now 6'7"!!    Hunter loved helping mom put together his bed with his drill, he is so stinking cute.  He also didn't know I got him Lighting McQueen sheets and you can see in the picture how excited Hunter is!  I love my Big Boy Hunter!

His cute dresser that I have got to find a lamp.