Thursday, October 27

Star of the Week

Madison was Star of the Week, last week!!  She was so excited to make a poster, and have the week be all about her.  Some of the things that she had on her poster were; her favorite movie: "The Little Mermaid" and any "Scooby Doo" show, book: "Splish Splash Splat", color:PINK and PURPLE, favorite foods: Olive Garden Ravioli's, Chicken Noodle, Vanilla ice cream and Broccoli.  Madison also wanted to put pictures of her family, her two cats Iggy and Stink.  What she wants to be when she grows up, a Doctor and a Teacher, her favorite things to do; dance, jump on the trampoline and sing and she loves recess.
I got to watch while she presented it to her class she did so good and spoke very clearly, then all the kids raised there hand to ask Madison question or tell her what they also like on her poster, she loved it. 


This past week we all had to go to the dentist.  This was Hunter's first time going to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned, he was a little nervous so Madison went first to show that it's not scary.  Hunter thought it was pretty cool when they were taking pictures of his teeth :)  He also like all the different flavors of paste that he got to choose from.  He did really good and said that he was excited to come again.
 Madison and me both had to come back later that week because we had cavities.  Madison was really scared of getting a shot in her month.  But the dentist was pretty tricky, he had put a numbing cream on her gums so when he gave the shot she didn't even know.  Then after he was almost done he said "Ok Madison I am going to give you your shot" and pretended to give it to her, Madison said "I don't fill a thing, I guess shots don't hurt in your mouth" she is so stinking cute.  Dr Brooks also said since she did so good he was going to give her a $5 bill, and tons of tokens for toys.  I don't think he does that for every kid, I guess Madison is just super cute and sweet.