Friday, May 27

Last Day of Preschool

Madison had her last day of preschool today. We have loved going to Happy Hive Preschool, Miss Hollie is the best teacher you could ever ask for. Madison always comes home so excited to show us what she had learned that day in class. Madison can write 4-5 letter words, can sound out words and read them all by herself. I can't thank Miss Hollie enough for all she has taught Madison. Madison will really miss her. But we are lucky, Hunter will be going next year twice a week, so we will still see her. Hopefully Hunter will be as good as Madison in class, because he is kind of a little naughty monster! Madison and the preschool class of 2011

Steve's thirty third Birthday

May 14th was Steve's Birthday! I can't believe he is 33 years old. We had the whole family over to celebrate with ice cream and Steve's favorite marble cake. Steve decide this year that he wanted a gun, so ever one went in on a 12 gauge shotgun. Madison and Hunter were excited to give him a card that they had wrote in. Madison writing in the card was so cute.

Steve I am so lucky to have you and appreciate all the hard work you do and being such a great daddy! WE LOVE YOU!! Steve and his Leon Russell shirt. We went this past week to the concert at the Depot it was a really good show!! Steve and the shotgun!Hunter holding his glow stick sword!Hunter so excited for the cake!!Hunter blowing out the candles for daddy!

Tuesday, May 10

Mother's Day

I had a very nice and relaxing Mother's Day. Steve and the kids took me out to Mimi's for a yummy breakfast. Madison made me a beautiful necklace and card in school. Later that day we went to Kay's for dinner. The kids and Steve also gave me a gift card to get my eyeliner tattoo on. Happy Mother's Day!!

The beautiful necklace Madison made! I love it!!


We had a wonderful Easter this year. We decorated eggs which the kids loved. Hunter didn't want to take the eggs out of the die. Saturday, Grandma Kay had here annual Easter egg hunt. Hunter really had fun finding all the eggs and wanted to keep finding them, so I would took some out of his baskets and hide them he had know clue he was finding the same eggs. On Easter morning the kids were so excited to open there baskets, Madison got movies and a puzzle, Hunter got Cars. We did a little Easter egg hunt at our house, before heading over to Nana's for a yummy dinner and another Easter Egg Hunt.

The only picture I could get of the kids together.