Thursday, November 19

Disney On Ice

This past weekend we took Madison to Disney Princess on ice. Her little eyes were glued to the ice skaters. She loved it all, but her favorites were when Mickey, Minnie and Tinkerbell when they would come out between the scenes. The Little Mermaid, they had all the fish glowing and she loved the sea witch. Snow white and the dwarfs, she thought the little men were so cute. And of course Cinderella which was the main show. The only thing was that my camera wasn't taking very good pictures :( but it was alot of fun and she said she can't wait to go again.

Monday, November 2

Happy Halloween

Madison was so excited to go treat or tricking this year that's all she could talk about. We usually hit a few friends houses and then hand out candy, but she wanted to trick or treat. We went around are neighborhood and had done a few blocks, Hunter was done so him and daddy went home to answer the door for the trick or treaters. Madison and I went 20 more minutes and then she was saying her bag was to full to carry and she had enough candy, so we went back home. She still had so much fun opening the door and handing out the candy. She would get so excited seeing all the kids dress up, and would run tell daddy what all the kids were.

Our cute little pirate and little pirate monkey!

Mommy's little monkey man!!

Miss Pirate

We went and did the annual Hutch's Parade walk. What it is for you who don't know, all the stores on main street give out candy and the kids walk down it going in and out of the stores. So Lehi has a tattoo place and earlier that day I bought Madison some stick on tattoos, so when we walked in the guy handing candy had a full sleeve of tattoos, and so told him,"look I have tattoos just like you," he laugh. I just though it was pretty funny!

Mommy and the kids!

Nana and Madison

Papa and Madison

Early that day we went to Aunt Ashley and did Carmel apples. Madison was such a good little helper. It was alot of fun!!
Nana and Madison

Madison started eating the apple before we got to dip it she thought it was pretty cool with a stick on it, and she said that it was easier to eat that way! :)

Our finished apples yummy!!