Wednesday, January 12

Christmas Day

Christmas morning started when Madison woke up and went down stairs before any of us were awake to see if Santa had came. We then here her knocking on our door to let us know Santa came and we need to go get Hunter up. Downstairs Santa had brought Madison a barbie house, a Jesse doll(toy story) hanging out of her stocking and a Elvis toy car from (Cars the movie). Santa brought Hunter Cars 25 or more and trunks all from the movie Cars, in Hunter's stocking a Woody doll was hanging out and more cars. We let them play with Santa's toys while I fix breakfast. After a yummy biscuits and gravy breakfast, we open the rest of the present from mommy and daddy and there gifts to each other. Madison got a barbie airplane that came with barbies, lots of games (Life, Operation & Bed Bugs), movies and so much more. Hunter of course got Cars probably another 30-40 more, a play tool set which he loves, and movies. Later that day we went over to my mom's for dinner and another round of opening present for the kids from everyone. Madison was super excited when she open her gift from Aunt Ashley and Uncle Colt it was a pink flower camera, she took so many pictures that night that the batteries ran out. She also got pet shop animals from Uncle Brett, a Barbie car, color wonder and a princess game for her leap frog from Nana. Hunter's first present he open was from Uncle Brett and was a Chick Hicks car, when you shake it and set it down it races across the floor, he loves it and played with it all night. Nana brought him Cars Lego which he loves Mack, Sheriff and Tow Mater. Aunt Ashley and Uncle Colt brought him Chuck the Truck set. We had a wonderful ham dinner, yummy pies for desert, and lots of good snacks all night. We played a fun money game with all the adults while the kids played with all the toys. We really had a great Christmas!!

Hunter glasses are all fog up :)

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. We stop over at Roseann's for her annual Christmas Eve party( Steve sister's mother in law). We had lots of yummy food and treats, and it was nice to visit with everyone. When we got home we read Christmas stories all snuggled under the blankets by the Christmas tree. Madison was so excited to put out the milk and Christmas cookies she had made with Nana for Santa.
Madison being a goose.

Tuesday, January 11


Madison was so excited when it snowed a few weeks back, she has been wanting to make a snowman all winter. We got Madison and Hunter all ready to get out in the snow and play. We help dad shovel the snow, made snow angels and then started on are big snowman's, Madison wanted to make a Daddy, Mommy, Madison and Hunter Snowman, we told her ok knowing that she probably won't make it very long. Madison and Hunter actually did a really good job, and helped push the snow balls around the yard. After Hunter's snowman was made he was ready to go inside he said he was freezing cold. Madison continued to help mommy push the snow balls, while daddy made a hat for the snowman. The kids had so much fun and she has wanted to go out several times since to rebuild her snowman that has now melted and build 4 snowmen one for each of us. :)