Monday, June 29

RoDeo WeeK

So to start off rodeo week, my Aunt Gloria and her daughter Simone were in town we had a girls night out at my house!! It was great to see them, we don't get to see them often :(

Nicole, Ashley & Simone
Mom, Grandma, Aunt Carol, Aunt Gloria, Nicole, Hunter, Simone, Madison & Ashley

This is a cute picture of my grandma and her girls!!

Mom, Grandma, Aunt Carol & Aunt Gloria

We went to all the parades this year, I think Hunters favorite was the horse parade, which I forgot my camera. Hunter couldn't take his eyes off. He loved it!! Saturday morning we went to the Grand parade, right at the beginning they have the fire trunks and motorcycle police that make all the noise and honk there horns Hunter was crying, he didn't like all the noise, once one would stop he would be ok, then another would go and he would break into tears it was so cute, so I held him most of the morning. Here are so pictures of that morning.

This was are favorite float, Madison loves Madagascar!!

We went to the fair at Wines Park, where we had to ride on the horses because that is Madison favorite thing to do, we also put Hunter on the horse, he loved as you can see!!

He also loved the petting zoo, he wanted to lay on all the animals or pull there hair.

Daddy, Mommy and Madison, Hunter was sleeping.

Saturday, June 20


Last weekend we decided to take Madison to Lagoon, she loved it and had so much fun. She wasn't scared of anything, she wanted to go on ever ride even the adult rides. There were a few adult rides that she could go on. She had a blast and on every ride when it was done she would say that was her favorite ride, but she said her most favorite was The Bat and The Rattlesnake Rapids, she loved getting wet!!

Madison loved the boat ride!! She really wanted the pink boat , but the little girl in front of her got it, so she was ok with the purple!!

Mommy and Madison. This ride was like the adult ride, Blast- off and Re-entry which she wanted to go on but was too short she really like this ride!!

Daddy and Madison :)

This ride Uncle Brett was so worried about getting him and his i-phone wet that he was probably the one that got the most wet :) :) The tall one in the red.

And I couldn't forget to post a picture of my cute little guy who was at Grandma Kay's while we were at Lagoon, he was out how cute!!

Wednesday, June 10

Cheese Puff Boy

So at Nana's house we gave him cheese puffs and he went crazy. What a little monster:) :) He had to have at least 3 at all times in his little hands. I think he could eat those all day if I let him.

Wednesday, June 3


Today my little man is 11months old. He is growing up to fast. We measured him 31 1/4inches tall and 23lbs 8 ounces. Hunter has finally learned how to crawl, and oh how I wished he hadn't learn. He gets into everything, he pulls drawers open and takes everything out :). I can only imagine how its going to be when he walks. He also is eating anything and everything you give him, his favorite foods for breakfast are, scrabbled eggs, french toast, rice crispy and pancakes. Lunch is peanut butter and jelly, chicken noddle soup, or whatever Madison and I eat. Dinner is everything I make spaghetti, ravioli, mac and cheese, hotdogs and hamburgers. And for sweets he'll eat those all day long.
The other night Steve went and got us hamburgers, I said that I would share with Hunter, thinking he wouldn't eat more than a couple bits and then I would fix him something. No not the case, he ate more than half of my hamburger so now I have decided not to share and get his own!!

In this picture he loves to lean up against the couch, and stand on his feet. What a big boy.

Madison giving her Hunter loves. What a sweet sister.At my moms school, the kindergarten class raises chickens the last couple weeks of school. Madison went over there almost ever day to hold the chickens. She told the teacher that she would love to take one home, but she said that Iggy and Stink (our cats) would probably eat them. We are working on seeing if papa will lets us buy one for his house.They also had butterflies and this one decided to climb up Madison arm.I just love this picture of Hunter on the swing, he was laughing and smiling the whole time!!And here is my little sweet heart swinging too.
The other day I was up at Steve's mom and dad's, Hunter was so tried I put him in the hammock and within seconds he was out. He looks like a angel.
The next day Sadie and Max (my niece and nephew) were swinging in the hammock and the tree that the hammock was tied to fell over. On top of the tree was one of the gargoyles that Steve had made weighing about 50lbs. It didn't fall on them, but I was sure glad that it didn't happen the day before when Hunter was sleeping on it.

Here is the tree, they are going to tear out the other one as well and put in big telephone post.