Tuesday, December 22

Temple Lights

We had a blast freezing our butts off at Temple Square. Hunter we knew would go crazy over the lights, he was pointing and talking his talk at the lights, he was glued to them. Madison loved them as well but she end up switching places with Hunter, because she said she was to cold to walk and Hunter was happy to get out of the stroller and run crazy towards the lights and water fountains. We seem to always pick the coldest night to go. But it was lots of fun and the kids loved it!!
The girls and mom the ninja. :)The boysHere's the frozen little girl, she wasn't going to smile for the camera she said.

Steve will probably kill me for posting this of his little guy, but I was going out to get the mail and Hunter so badly wanted to come and I haven't bought any snow boots for him, so I let him borrow Madison pink ones. He could stop running and playing in the snow. He was also in his pj's with the boots on top.

Allred Christmas Party

We had the annual Allred Family Christmas Party, and my family was in charge of it this year. We had as always ham,cheesy potatoes, salads and yummy strawberry cake and other yummy deserts. We had a fun craft for the kids, make your own ornament. Pinatas Santa and Frosty the Snowman, it was kinda sad though telling the kids to hit frosty with the stick. It was so much fun and nice to see everyone. It was a little sad because this was the first Christmas without Grandpa Allred.
Hunter thought this was so much fun, hitting the pinata.

Monday, December 14

Madison Christmas Dance Recital

Madison had her Christmas Dance Recital this past Saturday, she has been so excited to show every one her dance. Madison dance class, dance to Chicken Pox for Christmas and wore Christmas pj's, she was so stinking cute!! She has been taking dance since September, which she just loves, and always has a big smile when coming out of class.
Here is Madison dancing in her cute red pj's!!

Madison and her friends from dance class, just before they went out on stage.

It was also the same night as Lauri's birthday so we went out to eat for the both of them. We went to Mi Ranchito, and when they sang Happy Birthday, they made Lauri where a big Mexican hat, Madison thought it was pretty funny.

When we got home she still was doing her dance, we are so proud of her, and so lucky to have such great kids!!

Thursday, December 10

Santa Clause

We took the kids this week to get pictures with Santa Clause, Madison was so excited to tell Santa all the things she wanted. Hunter couldn't stop staring at him, and would never look at the camera. After the picture was taken, Madison kinda got shy and started twirling her hair, but she manage to tell him that she wanted Strawberry Shortcake Makeover Doll, Coraline and for Hunter cars or trucks.

Madison twirling her hair, telling Santa what she wants.

After Santa we went to eat and in South Towne Mall they have a carousal that Madison had to go on, while we were eating and watching it go around and around, Madison keep saying that's the one I want to ride on, no this one, she just couldn't make up her mind. The kids had a blast.

Monday, December 7

Ginger Bread House

Last night when we were at my mom's for Sunday dinner, and we made our ginger bread house. Madison and Hunter had a blast, Hunter I think loved eating and the pieces for the house though!! Ashley and I were talking and we think that the picture the put on the box shouldn't be made by a professional it should be done by and average Joe, so when your done making yours you don't feel so bad. Anyways we had fun and we think it turn out great!! Here's are finished product.

Then they got naked and dance around the Christmas tree!!

Pettey Christmas Party

Kay(Steve's mom) was in charge of the annual Pettey Christmas Party. It was very nice, we had yummy soups and salads, and the desert was delicious. Steve couldn't make it though because he had to work :( Madison loved playing with all the kids her age, her and Aubree play together great. Hunter loved it as well, he loved running wild through the church. Kay had fun games for the kids, and she a fun musical at the end. When we were cleaning up, Jill got out the big church vacuum and was giving the kids rides Madison loved it, my camera died then and I didn't get pictures. It was very nice to see all extended family that we only see twice a year.