Friday, January 13

Gorgoza Park

We had a blast at Gorgoza Park up in Park City!! You fly down the slopes!  We took the kids on the first lower set of hills, and when we got to the bottom they were ready to ride the big slopes.  It was super fast and lots of fun, I thought the kids might fly outgoing over the bumps, but they didn't and were laughing all the way down.  Madison also rode the mini snowmobiles, on there little oval course they had set up.  Madison was kinda scared at first because the group before her had some kids that had fallen off the snowmobiles.  But, when she got up on, she and wasn't scared, but first lap around she turned the corner and tip off the snowmobile, but she hop up and was ready to go!  Thanks mom we had a fun!!

Hunter was ready to go!
Madison first time snowmobiling by herself video!!
 Sorry I didn't know how to change the video to go the other direction.


Christmas was wonderful!!  The kids didn't wake up super early which was nice, the kids were so excited to see that Santa had came and brought lots of toys and goodies!  This year was fun because Hunter is understanding more.  After every gift the kids unwrapped they wanted opened and it put together. They were super spoiled this year again, with a barbie camper, lots barbie stuff, dolls, zoobles pets, a karaoke machine, cars, a racetrack, lots of movies, puzzles, books and crafty things.  I was spoiled to with an IPad2, which the kids have played on it more than I have.  Steve was spoiled too with tools, clothes, movies and lots more.
Later that day we went to my mom's, where almost every present under her tree was for the kids.  All from her, my sister and brother.  The kids went crazy opening there present there.  We had a yummy dinner as always, mom made turkey and ham, mashed and cheesy potatoes, and every appetizers you can think of.  We played cards and visited all night.  We had a great Christmas!!
The kids with all there present!
Nana's House
Hunter running from the remote control Lighting McQueen, Nana bought him!!

Friday, January 6

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went up to Little America for dinner, it was wonderful food.  We walked around the hotel where the had a big gingerbread house display.  Listen to a musician sing, one of the song was Little Drummer Boy, and the part that goes rum pum pum, Hunter starts laughing and says "Mom she said, Rub my Bum Bum" as loud as he could, I couldn't help but laugh.  When then went to Steve's parents, and played some games and hung out. 
On the drive home the kids were set on findings Rudolph's red nose in the sky.

 Little America's Cafe

Temple Square

This year at Temple Square it was freezing cold and no snow, but we were all dressed pretty warm.  We went and ate a JB's before the lights yummy.  The kids loved seeing all the lights, Hunter at one point said "these lights are beautiful" what a cute little stinker.  It was a fun time being with the family.

The kids all ready to go!
 Picture above; is Hunter crying because he got woken up, picture below; is him final calm, but wouldn't look at camera!!
 The girls

Madison's School X-mas program

Madison's class had such a cute little Christmas Program.  They sang lots of Christmas songs, each child had a little part that they sang by themselves with a microphone :)  I loved how excited the kids got when
they got to hold the microphone. 
The class also did a really fun project, the teacher had all the kids make a gingerbread boy.  She told the story of how the gingerbread boy escape after he was done cooking.  She had the parents get with family members that live all around the world to send in postcards stating that they saw him running through the town, mall or movies.   Madison was so excited every day to tell us where the gingerbread boy had been.  Madison received them from China-Cousin Ben, Auburn, CA-Vance and Coleen, Disney Magic Cruise Ship-Shelly, Hawaii-Mr Armstrong, Riverton,UT-Glenda.  Thanks Madison loved them all. 

Madison gingerbread girl, she made it out of frosting to hold the sprinkles and hot coco for the hair.  Madison tried to write, my gingerbread girl is Sparkles (Spreele).

Thursday, January 5

Gingerbread house

One of our traditions is making a gingerbread house every year.  Madison designed the house, Hunter helped by eating the candy pieces, Madison did let him stick on a few candies on, but was worried he might mess it up. 

 We also made snowman napkin holders, from the Home Depot.  The kids love all the little projects.  We brought ours home so we could paint them and then stick the stickers on.