Sunday, January 17

PiNk HaiR

Madison came with me a couple days ago when I was getting my hair done. Madison was just going to get a trimmed, but Megan ask if she wanted some PINK hair extensions and she said yes and was so excited.
This is the finally look, what a cutie, thanks Megan she loves it!!
We went out and had a some yummy sea food for dinner and then followed up with some bowling, which both the kids loved playing. They wanted to carry the ball all by them self, Madison did ok but Hunter could almost carry, but we helped so he wouldn't have a squished toe. Madison was so excited when she knock down all of the pins and got her first strike. My mom and Steve were the high bowlers though. Happy Birthday Mom. :)
Striking a pose
The kids watching with hope of knocking down all the pins!

Monday, January 4

Christmas Day

Christmas morning I woke up early to get ready thinking the kids would be up early, nope the kids and Steve slept till almost 9am. Madison has been talking almost since November about this Strawberry Shortcake doll that she has wanted, and Hunter new word and favorite toy has been any type of ball, so we thought the perfect gift would be a Disney Cars Ball Pit. When they came down the stairs he was yelling "ball, ball" over and over, Madison ran to her doll and wanted us to open it immediately. Thank you Santa!! We open all the gifts from Santa, and then Steve's parents and my parents, brother and sister came over for breakfast. After breakfast the kids open all the gifts from Steve and I, the kids big gift from us was Lego sets which the kids love to play with for hours.

Later that day we went to my parents house where we open gifts, almost the whole tree was for the kids, Madison got her Glow Station that she has been talking about, Hunter got lots of trucks and this jacket that he looks so handsome in and many many more gifts. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner and then played lots of games, the favorite was Hungry Hippos and bowling.

Quick funny story, the bowling set that Aunt Ashley and Uncle Colt gave was the biggest present under my mom's tree and Madison knew that present was to her and Hunter from them, all of December she would go up to the present and let every one know that she thought it was a big screen TV for her. But she forgot all about that when she open the gift.

Saturday, January 2

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to Roseann's annual party, Lauri and her girls were there, as were Grandma Kay and Grandpa George. They had lots of yummy food, Madison was very intrigue with Bill, Lauri's brother in law, he was talking to Santa on his cell phone and Madison was eating it up. Hunter was running wild as always. She was so excited for Santa to come she couldn't wait to get home.
This is how it has been trying to take pictures of the two of the, either one or the other isn't looking, or she is trying to hold on to him, which then makes him cry.The 3 Salisbury boysMadison and Bill telling her where Santa is right now and how he almost past her house, and that she better get home so he can delivery the present.