Monday, August 29

Timpanogos Cave

This weekend we took the kids up to hike Timpanogos cave.  Madison did really good, she hike the whole way up mountain.  Hunter didn't do quite that well, he did ok for a little bit, then we end up caring him off and on up the mountain.  The kids love the cave inside, they like the scary stories that are ranger guide told us.  Madison and Hunter didn't like it when we were in the biggest part of the cave and she turned off all the lights.  The ranger told us that our eyes would never adjust to the dark, and you couldn't even see your hand in front of you the kids thought that was pretty scary.  On the way down Hunter didn't even attempt to walk I carry all the way down, Madison made it about half way down before telling us her legs were going to fall off, so Steve carry her the rest of the way down.  It was a nice little outing just the four of us.  As you can tell to Hunter either didn't look at the camera or wouldn't smile so these are the pictures we ended up with. 

Friday, August 26


It was so hot the other day I set up the slip-n-slide and pool for the kids to play out back. 
Hunter would start running all the way from the shed and stop just as he came to the slide and lay on his belly and that's how far he would get, it was so cute.  The kids played outside for hours and weren't tried, I was laying in the hammock and was exhausted.  I am sad summer is coming to a end.

Madison sun bathing on the trampoline.
Hunter relaxing with mom on the hammock.


The annual Ferron camping trip.  Once again Steve was unable to come to his family's camping trip, but I went and took the kids.  The kids had a blast, the first day we got up there is was raining, Hunter loved jumping in all the rain puddles and was soaked from head to toe.  I did bring rain boots but forgot to get them on the kids, until after the rain had stopped!  While we were there we did lots of crafts with the kids, made leather bracelets, bubble blowers, played games, Madison favorite was Yahtzee.  We went down to the lake to try to skip rocks and end up just throwing rocks in the lake with all the cousins.  We sleep a tent this year, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  The kids thought it was pretty cool .  Had fun taking the four wheelers for rides, the older kids decide to go through every mud pile and the were covered in mud.  The kids really love camping.

 Last picture of camping as we left.

HoGle ZoO

The kids have been asking to go to the zoo all summer long so Cami, baby Madison and my mom went to the Zoo.  The kids loved all the new dinosaurs around the Zoo, but kinda bummed with all the construction, alot of the animals weren't there.  But as always the kids had fun and went on the carousel, train ride, and  loved the bird show.  

 Baby Madison