Tuesday, May 18

Happy Birthday Steve

My amazing husband just turned 32. We woke him up with a yummy breakfast was lazy all day, Steve and I went out to dinner and a comedy club to see Richard Lewis, he was so very funny. That weekend we had the rest of our family over for cupcakes and ice cream, which Madison was so excited to make the owl cupcakes. Steve show off how he is still so young riding on his skateboard. Steve you are awesome husband and daddy and we appreciate all you do!! We love you and Happy Birthday!
Hunter and Papa on the motorcycle. Hunter by the way loves motorcycles he gets on his little tricycle, which he calls his motorcycle and starts riding he is so stinking cute!!Madison so cute on her bike :)Madison and Hunter so excited to give daddy his present, a gun and clothes.
This is Hunter after 3 cupcakes, mini cupcakes!!

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful mother's day, we went up to a park by Kay's house and had yummy taco salads, and cute butterfly cupcakes made by my mom and me. It was really warm when we left our house and then we got up there it was freezing, that is why we are all wearing shorts with coats. But we still had a blast playing baseball, swinging and going down the slides. Hunter loved running wild and swinging all by himself on the big kids swing :) Madison had fun rolling down the hill. It was a wonderful Mother's day and I enjoy being there with all my family.
Me and my mom

The girls

Steve trying to show all the nieces and nephews how to play ball.

Aren't they so cute!!

Race for the cure

A couple weeks ago we ran in the Race for the cure, with Grandma Kay, and Aunt Lauri. It was a 5k and Madison did so good, and she had so much fun. We got her a new pair of running Nike shoes that she couldn't stop talking about and was so excited to wear, and she keep saying now I have shoes just like you mom!! We ran for Kay sister Aunt Ann, and her mom who has past Grandma Pettey.

There were so many people in front and behind us it was amazing.

Madison at the finish line :)