Thursday, December 15

Message from Santa

Santa sent the kids a video message from the North Pole today.  Santa said that both of the kids have been really good and is glad to hear that they are minded there parents.  The elves and Santa check the list and the Madison and Hunter are on the NICE list.  Santa can't wait to bring them there gifts!
Here's the cute little Santa video's below!

Madison's video

Hunter's video

Sunday, December 11


Today we took the kids to see Santa.  Madison and Hunter have been so excited to see him.  Madison told Santa that she would like a Barbie camper and a Belle tea party doll.  Hunter keep saying he wanted a green grem ( a bad car off of Cars 2),  and a Cars racetrack.  Santa told the kids that they had to be very good and pick up all the toys and clean there room, if they wanted to get there present and his surprise present that he is going to bring.  We really like this Santa he was super nice and really friendly.  When the kids were all done taking pictures and telling Santa what they wanted, they got to pick out a book and a candy cane, and wished Santa a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 4

Family Pictures

Last week we went and got our family pictures taken at Camera Shy.  I really love them, Suzy did such a great job, I love the pictures!!  I was so excited to see so many great pictures of the kids together, Hunter is really hard to get a great pictures, but these turned out amazing!!  I LOVE THEM!!
 LOVE this one of the kids!!
 Daddy and Madison, I love it!!
 Daddy and Hunter so cute, love it too!!

Tuesday, November 29

1st TOOTH lost

Madison has lost her 1st tooth on Saturday November 26th!!  Madison tooth has been wiggly for quite a while, and has been asking me when it's going to fall out.  Madison also told us that she thinks the tooth fairy is going to give her a $100 bill for her first tooth, I ask her if her tooth was made of gold, and told her that tooth fairy probably wouldn't be giving her that much.  She lost it while we were watching a movie together Saturday night, she was so excited she had to call everyone to let them know.  That night she put her tooth in her tooth box, and when she woke up she was so excited to find under her pillow a $10 bill.  Here's some cute pictures of our toothless little girl!! 

Friday, November 18

Hunters Cars

Today Hunter ask me if he could get out all of his Cars.  I said sure and took the cases of cars, minus all the trucks he has and got his mat out.  I went up stairs to get the laundry sorted and when I came back down he had them all lined up in categories, he had me help him finish with the last couple cars.  Isn't he so stinkin cute!!  He sure does love his cars and he plays, sleeps and takes them with him every where we go every day.  Now all we need is for Uncle Scott to give him Frank the Combine that we could never find and Hunter would be so excited. :)

Wednesday, November 2

Halloween Day

We had such a great Halloween this by far has been the funnest.  It was such nice weather to go Trick or Treating, we actually did the whole subdivision this year.  Hunter was running wild from door to door and had to be the one to ring the doorbell, the kids had a blast.  The kids bags were so full half way through we end up caring it for them. Happy Halloween!!

My Little BumbleBee and My Rootin Tootin Cowboy Woody!!


On Sunday my mom made a yummy dinner, corn beef and cabbage rolls and salad.  After dinner we got right to work on carving the pumpkins.  The kids help for about 5 minutes, then Hunter wanted to play on the ipad with Nana, Madison decided she was in charge of taking the pictures, so the adults were left to carving the pumpkins.

Our pumpkin master pieces!
Colt did the scary tree, Ashley the evil clown, Nicole Lightning McQueen and Steve the scary cat.

Tuesday, November 1

Halloween Party

It's that time again for Grandma Kay's Annual Halloween Party.  The kids had so much fun seeing all the cousin, aunt's and uncle's all dress up.  Madison was so excited to bring her pretzel treats she had made.  We had yummy chili, veggies, and bread for dinner. We then played a game where we had to count all the witches in grandma's house, Madison counted 103 witches.  We decorated ghost and told a story about them, Madison loved getting up in front of everybody.  Daddy scared most the kids all night and then got on top of the roof and was scaring more, Grandpa George was about to have a heart attack.  We had such a great time.  Madison was such a cute little bumble bee, and Hunter was rootin tootin cowboy Woody!

Daddy and Kids
Mommy and Kids
Nana and Kids

Pretzel Time

 Madison ask me the other day if we could do some kind of Halloween Treats to bring to Grandma Kay's party, I was going to make cake pops, but I thought it would be alot easier to do caramel, chocolate, sprinkled pretzels.  We had a blast making them, Hunter's favorite part was eating all the sprinkles that fell off the pretzel or picking them right the pretzel :)  Madison loved making them and is already telling me how she wants to decorate the Christmas pretzel treats. 

Hunter's Preschool Halloween Party

Hunter's preschool had there Halloween party last week.  Hunter dress up as Woody.  A couple mom's came and help, I read to the kids some of our Halloween story favorites; Scaredy Cat Splat, 13 nights of Halloween, Skelly the skeleton girl and Trick or treat smell my feet.  Another mom was doing a game, pin the spider on the web, the kids thought that was pretty cool, and the other mom brought pumpkins and foam cut outs to decorate the pumpkin.  It was fun to watch Hunter interact with all his little friends.
 Class picture, it was really hard to get the to all look at the camera and this was the best!!

Thursday, October 27

Star of the Week

Madison was Star of the Week, last week!!  She was so excited to make a poster, and have the week be all about her.  Some of the things that she had on her poster were; her favorite movie: "The Little Mermaid" and any "Scooby Doo" show, book: "Splish Splash Splat", color:PINK and PURPLE, favorite foods: Olive Garden Ravioli's, Chicken Noodle, Vanilla ice cream and Broccoli.  Madison also wanted to put pictures of her family, her two cats Iggy and Stink.  What she wants to be when she grows up, a Doctor and a Teacher, her favorite things to do; dance, jump on the trampoline and sing and she loves recess.
I got to watch while she presented it to her class she did so good and spoke very clearly, then all the kids raised there hand to ask Madison question or tell her what they also like on her poster, she loved it.