Monday, June 14

Madison Dance Recital

Madison had her dance recital a couple weekends ago from the Jazz-n-Place Studio. Madison has loved every minute of dance class this year. It has been such a great experience for her and she has learned so much. The theme of the recital was Peter Pan, and the song they dance to was, "The call of a Mermaid". Madison did so good, we are all so proud of her, and she was the cutest little mermaid there.

Madison dance class

Keep scrolling down to see Madison dance.

Kangaroo Zoo

My mom took the kids and me to Kangaroo Zoo, which is inflatable slides and bouncing rooms. I thought that Hunter probably couldn't do alot of the slides but I was wrong, everyone Madison went on he did as well. On the great big slide (3 stories tall) when he got to the bottom he had a face like what was that, but that was there favorite slide and they probably went on it 20 + times. After almost 4 hours we went home, they were pooped, the second we got them in there car seats they were out.


Uncle Colt bought over his scooter and the kids wanted to ride on it so bad. Colt first took Madison and she loved it. He was getting ready to take Hunter when he starting crying, so I hop on the back, Hunter end up loving it and didn't want to take turns. Every time Colt and Madison left he would say "where'd they go, my turn on motorcycle" he is so cute, he thinks the scooter is a motorcycle!!

Hunter saying "where'd they go??"

Classic Skating

Last week my Sister call up and wanted to go roller skating with the kids, so we took them to Classic Skating, which I have not been since Junior High School. The kids had a blast skating, especially when Uncle Colt would get them going fast. We had lots of fun!!

Tuesday, June 8

Last Day of School

Madison had her last day of preschool this past week, I can't believe how much she has learn. She knows all of her ABC's, Numbers past 30, she is writing letters and words very clearly. She always comes out of class with something new she has learned and is so excited to tell me about it all the way home. Madison has changed so much from just the first day of school, she lost all of her curls :( she isn't a toddler any more. She is mom and dad's big girl. Hunter has starting noticing when Madison goes to school, and he is always saying Madison school home. It will be sad next year when she will be in Preschool 3 days a week, Hunter and mommy will really miss our little goose during the day. We love you and are so proud of little girl!
Madison on her last day of school!!

Madison and Miss Hollie

Madison on her first day of school, look how much she has changed!!