Tuesday, September 22

Dance Class

Madison also started dance this week, she has been so excited to go!! The dance studio that she goes to is so cute, of course I forgot my camera to take pictures of it, but it has little metals flowers all along the room and painted so cute, and what is really nice is in the back of the room there is a 2 way mirror where parents can watch the children dance so smart. The class she is taking is Ballet/Jazz/Tumbling, she is there with 8 others girls. It was so cute, when I was taking her in to the class, she goes where are all the boys?? I told her that not many boys take dance, she was thinking this was like preschool. When she got out she had her big smile on her face, and said that dance without boys is alot more fun!!

These last couple post have been all about Madison. So here's and update on my little man. He is still NOT walking, I think that is because he can get around so fast crawling, he knows when he walks it is 10 times slower, because we know he can and he will take 5-6 steps alone then he just drops to the ground and starts crawling. What a stinker!! Hunter eats everything and sometimes more than Madison eats. He loves all kinds of trunks, especially the noisy ones, they have been working down are street and from Hunters window you can see them, he will stare out the window and make trunk noises it's so cute!! His favorite thing to do is BANG on everything, the other day he was banging so hard on are entertainment stand there is about 40 dings in it :) :) In the picture below is his a banging tool, instead of doing the peg board puzzle he takes them out and bangs. But we still love him!!

The Dentist

Madison had her first dentist appointment this week. When we arrived she was so excited, we had just watch a couple weeks ago Jon & Kate plus 8, when they took the kids to the dentist and how they got to pick out all kinds of flavors for toothpaste, Madison couldn't wait. She hop up in the chair where they first took pictures of her teeth, it would pop up on the computer screen as soon as they took the picture, she thought that was pretty cool. They then showed her how all of the different tools they used work, and then she got to pick out the toothpaste that they would be using, of course it was bubblegum because it was pink!! Then they started cleaning and she did so good she didn't move a muscle. Dr. Brooks came in and said she had perfect teeth and a beautiful smile, she got to pick out and new toothbrush, toothpaste and get a prize. I am so proud of her and glad she wasn't like they other children there, that was crying and fussing. She is such a BIG GIRL!!

Tuesday, September 1

1st day of Preschool

Today was Madison first day of preschool. She was pretty excited. We had to wake up bright and early to get ready for preschool. Which I thought it started at 9am, but it actually started at 9:30am opps! Steve and I walk Madison to the door and once she was in, she pretty much didn't notice us. We took a few pictures of her and Miss Hollie, and then she was back to playing with the other kids :( I can't believe how big she is getting.
I pick her back up at 12pm, and she had so much to say on the way home, her new friends are Aspen, Lola, Lucy & Madeline all girls. She told me that the boy in the blue shirt and the boy in the white shirt had to go to timeout because they were being to loud. So cute, she said that she was a good girl and listen to Miss Hollie.

What a cute little girl!! She is holding her little tot bag the teacher made her!!

Miss Hollie & Madison

I think Daddy was more sad to leave his little Madison than Madison was to leave us!!

What a day, when I put her to bed tonight she was excited to go to preschool tomorrow, I told her she only goes Tuesday and Thursday so was sad that she doesn't get to go every day.