Tuesday, February 21

Universal Studios

Madison and Hunter couldn't wait to go to Universal Studios, because of Scooby Doo and the gang.  They had watched Scooby Doo most of the drive to California.  The kids were super excited this year, because Daphne was with Scooby and Shaggy and she hasn't been in the past.  Madison went right to Daphne and started girl talk, and showing her painted hot pink zebra nails.  Hunter was loving Shaggy and Scooby he thought that they were pretty cool.
We loved the Jurassic Park ride, it was the first for all of us.  The dinosaur were amazing on the ride, the kids loved it.  The kids were laughing the whole time during the Simpson ride.  On the Studio tours, we had the best seat for the flash flood and when Jaws pop out of the water.  We also meet the Lorax he was pretty darn cute, and we can't wait for that movie to come out.
After all the fun at the park, we ate at Hard Rock Cafe yummy.  Hunter loved all the motorcycle and cars decoration they had hanging.  When we got the hotel in Hollywood the kids were excited, I had book a kids suite, which had there own private area with a TV and bunk beds.  I had never seen the kids so excited about going to bed. They loved the bunk beds, and peeking over the top to see us. 
We had a great time in Hollywood!

Friday, February 17


Legoland was alot of fun.  The kids loved all the animals and characters made of Lego's.  There favorite rides were the Dragon coaster which we went on over and over, and the Royal Joust where you get your own Lego horse that takes you through the forest and jousting a knight at the end.  Hunter loved the Volvo driving school, the cars weren't hook on a track so Hunter was driving like a mad man crashing into everything.  We went on almost every ride and the kids were poop when we left.

Friday, February 10

Sea World

Our California trip started in San Diego, with our first adventure, Sea World.  The kids were super excited to see the dolphins and Shamu.  We loved all the new shows, the kids and our favorite was the Dolphin show (Blue Horizons) we loved all the divers dressed as birds and how the actors interacted with the dolphins and the pilot whales.  We were kinda disappointed with the Shamu show, because the divers aren't allowed in the water with the whales and all they seemed to do was splash water on the audience and did a few flips, but the kids still loved it.  Hunter seemed to really love the shark tanks, and they both loved turtle reef.  Sesame Street was a big hit with the kids, they loved all the little rides, especially Abby's Sea Star Spin, which is like the tea cups, and it made me sick.  Steve and the kids loved it though and went on it lots more with out me.  We had never went on the Bayside Skyride or Sky Tower, there was some awesome views of Mission bay, the Pacific Ocean, the skyline cityscape of San Diego and miles and miles in every directions.  We had a great time at Sea World.