Monday, July 30


A couple weeks ago my mom took us to go see Aladdin at the Tuacahn in St George.  We had such a great time, the kids played in the pool from morning till night.  This was Hunter's first time to the Tuacahn and he loved it.  We can't wait to go again!

Thursday, July 19

Wizard of Oz Dance Recital

Madison Dance Recital theme this year was Wizard of Oz.  Madison's group were little Dorothy's and they were so cute.  Madison has been dancing with Jazz N Place now for 3 years and loves it.  I thought Madison look so much like Dorothy with her little braids hanging down in front.  After the show she got flowers from Mom,Dad and Hunter, and lots of hugs and kisses from everyone.   We took her out to eat at one of her favorite restaurants Red Lobster, where she gets her favorite, crab legs.  We love you Madison and you danced so good we our so proud of you!

Hunter and Madison they are both such cuties!!

Madison with, Aunt Ashley, Nana, Uncle Pat and Aunt Jill, Grandma Kay and Dad

Caitlyn, Madison and Chloe her best friends!!

Loved this one of her and Dad!

Last day of Kindergarten

Madison has finished Kindergarten.  Madison has learned so much this year I can't even believe it.  Madison is reading books, writing words in a sentence, knows her number's 1-100, all her ABC sounds and so much more.  We have just loved Mrs Mikulecky, Madison was always excited to go to school and learn and play with all her new friends.  Mrs Mikulecky said that Madison is a friend to everyone and included them in everything she did.  We are so proud of our little girl. 
We are very sad though, this was Mr Armstrong's last year as a Principal, he has been such a great Principal, and has known Madison since she was born.  He has been a good friend to our family, and we will surely miss him
 Madison and Mrs Mikulecky
 Mr Armstrong and Madison
 Mr Armstrong, Nana, Madison and Hunter

Wednesday, July 18

End of School Program

I am a little behind on my posting, so I am updating the last couple months. 
Madison had her Kindergarten Program a couple days before school got out.  It was super cute, they sung lots of songs, the kids were split into 3 groups and they all had a part to read in a story.  Madison's group read Goldilocks and the three bears, Madison was Goldilocks.  Her group was so good and they all got into characters, they were awesome.  The last song was about going into to 1st grade :(  We have loved Mrs Mikulecky and we are going to miss her.

 Madison and her friends Kassiade, Alexi and Madison