Wednesday, September 28

School Pictures

The kids are loving school, Madison and Hunter have made lots of new friends.  Madison gets home from school every day and talks my ear off about every thing she has learned, who she played with at recess, what activities she did in class.  When I pick up Hunter he tells me what letter they work on that day and then ask are we getting Madison and going home.  I love the new school pictures of the kids, but they are growing up to fast!
 Madison's Kindergarten pictures
Hunter's Preschool pictures

Saturday, September 24

Old Iron Town

This past weekend the kids and me took a trip down to Cedar City to visit family.  We went to Grandma's house in Old Iron Town first, which is a very small town.  Vance, Coleen, Grandma, Me and the kids went for a walk just down the road to visit the Old Iron Town Ruins, we saw the beehive charcoal kiln remainders of a old furnace, foundry buildings and a old grinding stone.  Later that day after making yummy pizza bits for lunch, we hike up to Lion's Mouth Cave.  In the overhanging of the cave there are pictographs of a small anthropomorphic figure, a snake like figure and other simple drawings.  The kids loved playing inside the cave area.  Later that night Coleen had a fun treasure hunt planned for the kids to do, they got lots of fun crafts, a cute book with a picture of them in it, bubbles that are colored, stamps and a whole lot more. Thanks Coleen.  The next day we went up to Cedar Breaks National Monument, it was pretty cool seeing the giant amphitheater that spans three miles and 2,000 feet deep.  The kids also became Cedar Breaks Junior Rangers, they had to complete the Junior Ranger booklet.  After completing it, Steve the forest Ranger had them repeat a pledge that they promise to not pick or dig up plants and take care of the parks.  I sure have cute little rangers!! Cedar Breaks was gorgeous! I wish the pictures could do more it was beautiful.  We also hike through a mountain forest to go to the Alpine pond, the trail was very pretty and shaded.  A nice little hike for the kids.  Later that night after dinner we went back to the hotel for a nice little swim.  Madison is getting to be quite a good little swimmer.  We had a wonderful trip. 

Vance,Coleen,me,Madison and Hunter
Old Iron Town Ruins
Lion's Mouth Cave
  Treasure Hunt
The kids Vance, Coleen and Grandma
Madison and Rosa
Cedar Breaks
Steve the Ranger, Madison and Hunter Junior Rangers
Alpine Pond
Favorite picture of Vance and the kids
 Swimming after a long day of hiking

Tuesday, September 6

Hunter's first day of Preschool

Hunter had his first day of preschool today at Happy Hive Preschool (this is the same preschool Madison went to)!  It felt so crazy to be taking him to school, he can't be that old yet.  I walked with Hunter up to Miss Hollie's door, she came right out to greet Hunter.  He was a little bit shy of course so I followed him in to the class room.  Miss Hollie got out a train set for all the kids to play with.  Hunter was playing well with the other kids so I quietly left, before he notice I was gone.  There is 8 kids, 7 boys and 1 girl, Miss Hollie is going to have her hands full.  I will now have two free hours twice a week without any kids, I haven't decide if I am going to be happy, sad or just enjoy the free time :)
When I picked up Hunter from school he just couldn't stop talking about his new friends, all the toys he played with, coloring and the snacks.  I think he had a great day, and was even talking about when he goes back.  I love you Hunter!!

Hunter so excited coming out of preschool!!
Miss Hollie and Hunter

Thursday, September 1

1st day of Kindergarten

Madison had her first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday.  Madison has had her outfit pick out for weeks, she wanted to wear her camo skirt with the shirt that matched.  My girlfriend also made the cutest camo hair bows to match.  The week before we had her Kindergarten assessment with Mrs Mikulecky, after she was done she gave Madison a bag of magic confetti to sprinkle under her bed the night before school starts.  The confetti was to help her sleep and not be nervous for school.  That morning of the first day of school she had me make her Mickey mouse pancakes her favorite.  Madison was super excited to walk to school.   When we got to the school we went to the office to see Nana, then we walked to her class.  All the kids lined up waiting for the teacher to take them in.  Steve and I watch our little girl go in to class.  I can't believe how fast time has gone, and how big my little girl is getting.  When she got out of school she loved it and was excited to go again tomorrow.  I love you goose!
Finally a picture where Hunter is looking at the camera!
The night before laying on the confetti she sprinkled.
Mrs Mikulecky and Madison

Madison after her first day of school.