Monday, August 17

Zoo Time

So this summer the kids have been early risers (7:30ish) to early for me. So today we took the kids to the zoo, we woke up early to get ready and what do the kids do today they slept till 9am and it probably would have been even later if we didn't wake them. But, I am going to bet that tomorrow since I have nothing planned and can sleep in, they will be early risers!!
I do make Hunter's bed, but the milk cup spilled all over his bed on the afternoon nap, and I didn't get it washed before bed. This is 9am :) He is sound asleep, with drool all over.

Sleeping is what Steve and I should have been doing to, but we didn't think they would sleep in. Madison came in are room this morning we thought she would wake up shortly after, nope!

Hunter and Madison on the Croc!!

My little turtle

We call him spider boy, because he has been finding spiders and eating them, so I thought this picture was perfect!

Madison and Daddy on the carousel, she was so excited to get the zebra.

Hunter and Mommy
We had a blast at the zoo again, and it wasn't to hot.

Hunter's new do!!

So Hunter's hair is wavy in the back and bone straight on top, I don't think he is going to have curls like Madison :( It was getting so long in the front, so we cut it all off. He was much better this time, didn't cry and he actually held very still, he could see himself in the mirror and thought that was pretty cool.


He looks so much older to me now, like a little man!!


Last weekend we decide to take Madison to the Planetarium to see BUGS 3D, she loved it!! She thought that it was pretty cool to wear the glasses in the movie. It was fun to watch her jump back in her seat when a bug would crawl towards you, and then she would look at you and say "It almost got me", with a huge smile on her face.
After the movie they have different exhibits that you can see, the one she thought was pretty funny was the weight on different planets, she weighed 2lbs on Pluto, and on Jupiter she weighed over 30lbs. She said that she wants to go back to see Under the Sea 3D, which we will it was lots of fun!!

Madison and Steve looking so cute in the glasses!!

Madison and Mommy standing next to the world.

What a cute Smile! :)