Tuesday, April 24


Easter was a wonderful again this year. The Easter Bunny left the kids with baskets full of Lego's, movies and treats. We did a little Easter Egg Hunt at our house Easter morning, the kids found over 70 eggs filled with chocolate's and quarters. When then headed over to Nana's for another Egg hunt and dinner. Nana had also gotten them Easter baskets full of goodies and toys.  The kids had fun finding all the Easter eggs that were hidden at Nana's.  After a yummy dinner we went outside to play some baseball and fly our kites, it was a nice and relaxing Easter.

The kids on Easter morning.

Daddy helping the kids put together the Lego's.
Hunter, so cute watching the kites fly, and look at our little baseball stars!

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe Madison is 6!!! That is crazy to me. You are such a cute fun family. I never do anything that excited too much work.