Thursday, July 19

Last day of Kindergarten

Madison has finished Kindergarten.  Madison has learned so much this year I can't even believe it.  Madison is reading books, writing words in a sentence, knows her number's 1-100, all her ABC sounds and so much more.  We have just loved Mrs Mikulecky, Madison was always excited to go to school and learn and play with all her new friends.  Mrs Mikulecky said that Madison is a friend to everyone and included them in everything she did.  We are so proud of our little girl. 
We are very sad though, this was Mr Armstrong's last year as a Principal, he has been such a great Principal, and has known Madison since she was born.  He has been a good friend to our family, and we will surely miss him
 Madison and Mrs Mikulecky
 Mr Armstrong and Madison
 Mr Armstrong, Nana, Madison and Hunter

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