Thursday, July 19

Wizard of Oz Dance Recital

Madison Dance Recital theme this year was Wizard of Oz.  Madison's group were little Dorothy's and they were so cute.  Madison has been dancing with Jazz N Place now for 3 years and loves it.  I thought Madison look so much like Dorothy with her little braids hanging down in front.  After the show she got flowers from Mom,Dad and Hunter, and lots of hugs and kisses from everyone.   We took her out to eat at one of her favorite restaurants Red Lobster, where she gets her favorite, crab legs.  We love you Madison and you danced so good we our so proud of you!

Hunter and Madison they are both such cuties!!

Madison with, Aunt Ashley, Nana, Uncle Pat and Aunt Jill, Grandma Kay and Dad

Caitlyn, Madison and Chloe her best friends!!

Loved this one of her and Dad!

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Daniel and Kate said...

I love reading your blog. Your kids are so cute! Madison's costume for her dance recital was adoreable! So fun. :)